Merrithew Connect FAQs

New users

Merrithew Connect is a Pilates, fitness and mind-body streaming platform designed to empower and inspire fitness professionals and enthusiasts to get the most out of their learning and fitness journeys.

This digital streaming platform encapsulates more than 30+ years of innovation in the mind-body education and equipment space, providing fitness professionals and enthusiasts with access to the latest workouts. It will soon accommodate Merrithew course and education materials all in one place.

Applying the latest research, fitness best practices and mindful movement concepts, our internationally-recognized team of presenters will teach you how to become a better instructor and take your fitness practice beyond skin deep results.

No, Merrithew Connect is a separate service and therefore requires users to create a separate account.

Existing Merrithew Connect users

Existing users will still be able to access all of the content they’ve purchased. It will be available under your existing account login under My library.

No, existing users won’t have to create a new account, and if they sign-up for the monthly subscription, they’ll receive two-months free so they can try out the enhanced Merrithew Connect experience.

Thanks to feedback we received from our community, we’ve decided to offer Merrithew Connect as a subscription service. This is exciting news because it provides users with access to our expansive library of 200+ workout videos.

We will also be releasing new tailored programs weekly which will allow instructors and clients to focus on a particular area of interest.

Merrithew Connect will also soon be the home of all of our new professional repertoire videos and education content, making it convenient and accessible for students on the professional path to access everything in one place.

Billing, pricing, promo codes and cancellations

  • One month: $24.99 USD
  • Six months: $134.00 USD (10% savings)
  • 12 months: $250.00 USD (15% savings)

You will be charged the day after your trial period ends.

We’ll prorate the days of your current membership and calculate your current unused balance and apply it towards the daily cost of the new subscription price. You will then be billed once your current balance is exhausted by the new daily rate.

Yes, your subscription will automatically renew based on your chosen billing term until canceled.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time and your membership will not renew. There’s no contract or hidden fees, and users will have full access until the end of their billing cycle.

Go to your account Dashboard, click the ‘Billing’ tab, then select ‘Change plan’, then click ‘Cancel membership’.

During the checkout process, customers can enter a promo code in order to receive their discount. Only one promo code may be used per purchase.

Depending on your device, the checkout experience and placement of the promo code field may vary.

  • Desktop: The promo code field appears on the left side of the final checkout page
  • Mobile: On phones and some tablets, the promo code field appears above the credit card information fields

Only one promo code may be used at a time for the entirety of the subscription. Users cannot combine or redeem more than one promo code per account.

Content and troubleshooting

You can be logged into up to five devices at any time from a single account.

For example, you can be logged into your Merrithew Connect account on your laptop and mobile device at the same time, making it convenient to take with you wherever you go.

Merrithew Connect is the new home for all of our workout content, and will soon accommodate all of our education materials and professional repertoire videos.

As a Merrithew Connect subscriber, you’ll be able to access the latest Pilates, fitness and mind-body workout videos from our globally-recognized team of presenters.

The professional repertoire and course material content is for those on the professional path and is available for purchase at an additional cost. Access to this content is not included in the subscription.

A video may be added to your Favorites List by clicking the heart that appears below the video.

To remove a video from your Favorites List, simply go to the video and click the heart again and it will be removed from your list.

Not yet. We are working on this feature; we’ll share more soon.

Video playback depends on many factors. Try viewing the video in a different web browser or on a different device, and ensure your internet connection is strong.

Users can visit their Dashboard to update any personal information, including email, name, avatar, billing and login information.

Always check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program. We offer an array of Specialty Programs tailored to different populations, but always respect any limitations you may have and listen to your body.

Education content

The Education section of Merrithew Connect features our course materials videos and professional repertoire videos. These videos are primarily for those on the professional path who want to gain an in-depth understanding of Merrithew’s repertoire and modalities to supplement their course work, continuing education and professional development. But they may also be of interest to keen fitness and Pilates enthusiasts looking to enhance their own workouts and understanding of movement.

These workout videos were created to complement our world-class education courses and workshops and are available to purchase separately from the Merrithew Connect subscription.

You can find all the videos you’ve purchased in ‘My Library’.

Yes, the videos you’ve purchased will remain in your account indefinitely.

No, in order to become a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor, you must take the in-class instruction, purchase a manual, complete practice teaching, observation and physical review hours and take both practical and written examinations. Find out more about STOTT PILATES® certification and the STOTT PILATES exam.

Of course! We welcome any keen fitness and Pilates enthusiasts who want to learn more about our modalities and repertoire to buy and watch these videos at their leisure.

No, the Merrithew Connect subscription is a separate service. With a Merrithew Connect subscription, you get access to 200+ Pilates, fitness and mind-body workout videos.

The Education video content is pay-as-you-go. That means you pay per video you want and you get to keep that video indefinitely.

Some courses require physical manuals. These are available for purchase on If you need a manual, it will be linked in the course package description.

Yes, on, you can choose to buy a bundle:

  • Manual and DVD
  • Manual and digital video

If you made your purchase on and haven’t received a confirmation code yet, please contact us.

Make sure it is for the course package or professional repertoire you purchased on If it still doesn’t work, please contact us.

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